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In case you are looking over this article then you’re probably a gadget lover similar to me. But I ve a real problem. Whenever a new gadget is launched in the marketplace I get the urge to own it and I get the urge to own it fast. Problem is, this “addiction” might be quite costly. Luckily, I have recently discovered a trick that allows me in order to get free gadgets and I will also share it with you.

I have discovered out that there are a lot of companies to be found that need individuals to do various simple tasks to them: from software testing and product testing to market research. And they are not paying people in cash but let them have cool gadgets for free. The issue I like the majority of is software testing and I will tell you exactly why. You they are supplied a gadget with a treatment for it and requested to make use of it for about a week after which provide your feedback on how it performed.

And for that little job you may protect the gadget you’ve just tested. It’s pretty cool im my opinion especially because this type of work (provided you can think of it as that way) doesn’t come in conflict with you daily schedule. And if you think you would like some kind of experience, references or post high school education then you’re wrong. Software companies are looking for regular individuals to test many in real life situations and never for software engineers.

There are quite a number of testing programs and it might truly be a shame not to take a look at those hateful pounds especially now when the majority are giving away the brand new iPhone 4G. However, you should hurry as spots get filled pretty fast.